Trade NoSymbolStatusDateSizeDirectionEntryTake ProfitStop LossLink To ChartNotes
28Gold (Spot)Open02/01/20161/4 postionLongStill long from the 1081 position as i closed the 1060 position in Dec 2015. Got outstanding buys at 1040 & 1020No target atm962Currently long from 1081, buy orders at 1040 & 1020
39AUDCADOpen02/01/2016Full positionShortPending limit sells at 1.0110 & 1.01301.0168Chart
39AUDCADOpen04/01/20161/2 positionShortFilled at 1.01101.0110 (break even ) allow for spreadChart Cancelled 1.0130 sell order
39AUDCADOpen04/01/20161/2 positionShortMoves stop to 1.0064
39AUDCADClosed04/01/20161/2 positionShortClosed at 1.0017, strong rally, so not happy with the seutup here, was looking for a deeper decline before a bounce
28Gold (Spot)Open06/01/2016Full positonLongPending buy orders at 1040 and 1020962Closed the 1081 position at 1086, still have orders to buy at 1040 & 20 stops 962. The recent advance looks corrective.
40USDCADOpen11/01/2016Full positonShortPending limit sell at 1.4140 & 1.41601.4188Chart
41Oil (Feb)Open11/01/2016Full positonLongPending limit buy at 32.00 & 31.5031.00Chart
40USDCADClosed13/01/2016Filled on the trade and stopped out for a loss of 40 pips
41Oil (Feb)Closed13/01/2016Filled on the trade & stopped out for a loss of 80 cent aka 80 pips/points