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The Flat

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This pattern is generally found in the wave 4 or b position although can be seen in any corrective wave or as part of a combination move and is a 3-3-5 pattern

So wave [a] is 3 waves, wave [b] is 3 waves and wave [c] is 5 waves

The only exception to wave [c] being 3 waves is in either a triangle or an Ending Diagonal pattern as both those patterns are made up of a series of 3 waves

Wave [b] generally comes back to or near to the origin of the wave [a]

This is common pattern that fools many on the wave [b] part of the pattern, in that i am sure you have all seen the fake pokes and a double top or double bottom, well chances are that its a b wave and either part of normal flat or if the wave [b] breaches the origin of the wave [a] then its called a irregular flat or what most refer to as an expanded flat

The key is that its in 3 waves and the previous wave was 3 wave, ie the wave [a], there is also the tendency to see the start of a triangle only that then morphs into a flat where many think its going to be 3 waves for the triangle count it actually breaks the wave [a] point in 5 waves and then reverses and trapping many and takes out buy & sell stops at the same time

This is a nasty pattern if your not aware of it, as it tends to be sideways but pokes around and fools the majority especially if an expanded type

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