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The 1x1 Sometimes Referred To As C=A

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Basically this is a Zig Zag (ZZ) although a ZZ is referred to as C=A it can also be a WXY correction so in essence the same as ABC as both are 3 wave moves but where a ZZ is 5-3-5 a WXY can be a 3-3-3

So you can see either a 1x1 as C=A or Y=W they are the same thing

The way to trade it

1st you should always trade with the immediate trend so if the ZZ is pushing lower and a suspected correction from an impulse wave in the up direction then you want to be looking to be buying the end of the 1x1

The same applies if the market is pushing lower in a down direction you want to be a seller at the top of the end to the 1x1

With a little practice you will see this pattern its very common, its a 3 wave move where the 1st and 3rd legs are virtually the same length and you just buy or sell based on the direction its trending in

Confirmation is generally considered once the move surpasses the wave [b]

However in the context of this being a ZZ, the ZZ might also be involved in a larger complex correction, possible a double 3 or triangle etc, but as long as you have an idea what you should be expecting ie is the correction a 2nd wave and is there fibbo support near by??

Would you be expecting to see the 1x1 in a b wave or 4th wave

So understanding where you think you are on the next larger time frame help put the pieces together

failing that if you keep it simple the 1x1 can be a great trade especially in trends ie a trend day you tend to see at least one or two

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