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Are you interested in becoming a contributor and seeing our ideas for FREE?

As www.wavepatterntraders.com grows and expands, i have decided that i would like to offer other trading techniques to members, and add as much valuable information as possible.

So in order to try and improve the services that we offer, i am looking for contributors to the site

If you have a special skill in a certain area of the markets that you are an expert at, for a few ideas a week, you can gain FULL access to wavepatterntraders.com

Example, you maybe a Gann expert, or Harmonics expert, so all i ask is that you post your ideas and share with members of the site, and you are active, you don't have to be glued to the site, but a few ideas a week is great, especially if you see a decent setup, as combining many ideas will help all members

You can post your work outside of the site if you wish, i don't have any issues with that, as the work is copyrighted to you.

But as a contributor, all i ask is that you post quality ideas, that will help other members including myself

The idea is that if we can all pull our work together, we can find quality ideas that ALL members can benefit

You might be an Elliott Wave expert, Gann expert, Cycles expert or a Harmonics expert, maybe an options expert (this would be useful as when we have ideas, if members can find ways to buy options, that IMO would help greatly), there are areas of the markets i have no experience, but if you prove that you are an expert, i am willing to consider anyone

You do not need to "whore" yourselves out to promote www.wavepatterntraders.com

Just type in "Elliott wave" on Twitter you will see how many have sold themselves out to a certain logo

I am not looking for that sort of thing, i am after contributors that can add value to the site.

There are a few Rules:

1) You are not affiliated with ANY other services, if i find out, i will ask you to leave. if you are a subscriber, that's OK, but if you are an owner or more than just a subscriber, then i am not interested, i have had issues with some companies that are on Twitter, and i am not going there again.

If you have a blog that is fine, i dont have any issue with you keeping your blog and posting your work inside wavepatterntraders.com

2) You need to be an expert, someone that has some experience in the skill set you say you have, so if you have just started, sorry that don't qualify

3) I want to see some of your work beforehand, so if you cant prove you have the skills, then please don't apply, so maybe you post your work on public forums, or you have your own blog etc, please provide me a link

4) You will answer any questions that a member asks, IE you wont keep your work as some sort of voodoo secret. As an Elliottician, i can answer any questions about my work, and i have a responsibility to the members of the site to answer, but i all ask if that you reply in a civilized manor

So here is your chance to gain access for FREE, if you are an expert at something, then please let me know

Other Elliotticians can apply, as the more minds the better, but other technical analysts are very welcome

Send an email to enquires@wavepatterntraders.com


Jason (Nouf)
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