Elliott Wave Analysis of Time Warner (TWX)

The advance like many US stocks appears to be close to ending a large impulse wave that started from 2009 lows. So a 5 wave structure is what we are counting. Currently I still think it needs a pullback for wave 4 of [5], so a...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

I have been monitoring this stock for while for an edge to the INDU/SPX. Back in Jan 2017 I was expecting at least a new high for wave [v] to end wave 3.


Fast forward, not only has BRK.B made a new high for wave...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP)

In the last post on this stock I was looking for a few more gyrations to the upside for  wave 5. Fast forward it appears we have got that upside although wave 5 appears to have morphed into a possible ending diagonal. If it is an...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK)

Not sure if this really sets any records but this has seen a crazy decline over the last number of years, its clear the market is pricing in bankruptcy on this stock. Its just issued a private placement in its last earnings report, but I was...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Goldman Sachs (GS)

With the new high, its now possible to count a 5 wave move from the Jun lows. So if you are still long this stock you may want to consider lifting stops around at 240.00 to protect any gains you have.

From the last post I made Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Ensco Plc (ESV)

I highlighted this stock early in Jan 2017 as a potential setup to buy after it completed a 5 wave advance. Fast forward and not only has it put in a 5 wave advance from the Jan 2017 lows, it has also pulled back like we...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Atwood Oceanic Inc (ATW)

This stock got slammed from its recent earnings, it actually doubled its profits from the quarter before. Personally I think the move was a bit dramatic, but nonetheless the decline actually works out much better for those traders that are patiently waiting in the wings to...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Morgan Stanley (MS)

Many of the major US financial stocks I am currently tracking have this same look, I currently think its close to ending wave 3 of an impulse wave, so a significant pullback for wave 4 in 3 waves is favored soon, ideally a move towards 38.00...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC)

Since Donald Trump was elected as POTUS we have seen what the media is calling the “Trump rally” or “Trump effect”. No matter how you describe it, the facts are that rail road stocks have been a tear recently, once such stock that I am tracking...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Walt Disney Co

The rally from the lows in Oct 2016 counts well enough as an impulse wave (5 waves). Furthermore, when we look at the move in context to the move that started from the Feb 2016 lows, we can also count this recent 5 wave rally as...Read More »

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