Elliott Wave Analysis of Lowes (LOW)

The strong monthly reversal from the measured move target I think can strongly suggests a peak is likely place for wave [5], staying below 85.00 favors more weakness. If you own this stock, you may want to respect the monthly outside reversal. That is generally considered...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of CSX Corp (CSX)

Another “Trump phenomenon”  stock that has enjoyed the benefit of the new administration policies, although it will yet to be seen if any of the policies will be fully enacted. That aside, the structure from the 2016 lows, strongly resembles that of an impulse wave. There...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Roper Technologies (ROP)

This stock has been on one serious tear recently, seriously one impressive rally, however I do think its time for a breather and a pullback. I am working the idea of a impulse wave as part of a much larger impulse wave. Currently I think its...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of QQQ

The move from the Nov 2016 lows is one impressive move to say the least. I think its common knowledge that the majority of the recent upside on the QQQs is from a certain number of stocks. So until those tech stocks reverse or appear to...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of GDX

If the recent upside stays below 23.40 I am favoring further weakness back under 22.55 to end a more complex corrective decline to correct the recent advance from 20.89 – 23.67. Overall the setup remains bullish whilst its above 20.89. So regardless if we see more...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of TLT 20 Year Treasury Bond ETF

The advance from the May 2017 lows looks like it could be close to end an impulse wave (5 wave advance). So if you are long this market it could be a wise decision to top slice and consider locking in profits. If the move is...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of McDonalds Corp (MCD)

This stock has been a tear recently, but I favor its close to end what Elliotticans call a “3rd of 3rd ” wave. A breather is expected shortly, although any weakness should prove corrective and continue higher. Baring a major move below 135.00 a few more...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis Merck & Co (MRK)

The advance like many INDU components is potentially showing a 5 wave move for an impulse wave. Whereas many stocks and the INDU start their respective wave [5] at the Feb 2016 lows, with this stock it counts best that wave [5] starts from the Aug...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of SLV (Silver ETF)

The decline from the April high has been relentless to say the least, I am impressed, although seeing such a strong move from a peak that had record longs makes sense, as we are seeing traders flee from this market due to the confirmation of a...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Parker Hannifin (PH)

The recent weakness from the April 2017 high I think suggests a large 4th wave correction is underway. The move into the all time highs counts well enough as the end to wave 3 of an impulse wave, a correction in 3 waves for wave 4...Read More »

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