Wavepatterntraders was established in the summer of 2010, having seen what was around from other Elliott Wave forecasting companies, I felt that the quality of work was not up to a standard that was needed for investors and traders to make successful trades. The goal of the site was to offer a quality service but at a price that everyone could afford. I feel too many services focus on what you don’t need to trade and less of what you do need to trade. Hence Wavepatterntraders was born in 2010.

I have been using the Elliott Wave principle since 2005. I have been involved in the markets since 1999. Over the last number of years I have called many major turns in the markets to a high degree of success using the Elliott Wave Principle. I think the Elliott Wave principle gets a bad name because many use it in ways to forecast what “must” happen, but neglect to adjust and trade what “is” happening, this is one of the major issues that many forecasting companies have.

A service should be a benefit to a member not a hindrance, over the years Wavepatterntraders has continued to evolve and slowly build up a service that I think is extremely beneficial to traders and investors from all walks of life. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional. I believe our service offers great value at a fraction of many of our competitors.