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Is Crude Oil Ready to Rally?

The relentless trend shown over the last few weeks is one very impressive decline; however I suspect it’s close to ending an impulse wave (5 wave decline). Currently we are tracking 2 ideas that can suggest the recent spike we saw yesterday was a 5th wave to end the move from the Oct 2018 highs or it’s the end to a 3rd wave of an impulse wave.

If the next move fails to move above 58.50 – 59.00, then new lows can still be seen to end idea 1 and complete the decline that started from the Oct 2018 highs.

At some stage a large rally is expected, a move higher in 3 waves for either wave B or [B] can setup for further weakness and target the $45.00 area or lower. For now all eyes are on the next advance and see if it can get some momentum above 58.50 -59.00 or not.

Idea 1

Idea 2

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Elliott Wave Analysis of EURUSD

A quick update to the post on StockTwits:

The market has continued lower as I expected to see, a new low can complete an impulse wave (5 wave decline) from 11831, so if you are bullish this pair, then I favor it has a good setup to find buyers from a new low. So as the EURUSD moves into a new low, the DXY should make a new high and complete an impulse wave (5 wave rally) from 93.81 (Sept low), its then I want to find buyers on EURUSD and sellers on the DXY.

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Elliott Wave Analysis of Boeing (BA)

Readers may be aware than Boeing (BA) is the biggest stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), so it makes sense to watch the biggest weighted stock to find an edge to the next likely direction of the DJIA.

The recent gyrations on Boeing appear to suggest thrust from a triangle, for Elliott wave users, that’s a key pattern as the look from the 2016 lows, appears to suggest an impulse wave is developing. So the triangle is a 4th wave of an impulse wave, the current spike is that of a 5th wave. However there are a couple of ways to label the current advance, so unless a strong reversal back below $372.64, then I would at least respect the potential for further upside as it may still be in wave 3 of the larger wave [5].

So it stands to reason, if Boeing continues to move higher, then its likely going to see the DJIA move higher, likewise, if Boeing is ending wave [5] for the alternative labeling, then a move back below $372.64 will likely see the DJIA move lower based on the weighting of Boeing.


Alt Idea


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