The information supplied in the site may be sparingly reproduced as long as full attribution is given to the original source ie: The charts and my work are actually the copyright of However, if I find that my work is seriously being abused and members are simply stealing my work, or trying to claim it’s their own work, I will do my best to find out the member/s and likely ban those members or give a severe warning.

Being a member of this site entitles you to see the expressed opinions of the author and other member’s work, what it does not do is give you the right to steal my work and plaster it over forums and blogs.

Now I understand that some members may find it easy to show a chart and I fully accept that we live in an age where there are easy ways of copying and past charts etc. Hence why I am prepared to be lenient in this case if any member wishes to post my work outside of this website sparingly. An occasional posting of my work is fine as long as credit is given, but not passing the work off as your own, I have a unique style of counting and can spot my work very easily. If I do find out that members are abusing that privilege then I will take necessary actions to prevent it from happening any further.

It’s simply not fair on other members that pay for the privilege to see my work and other members are posting it around other forums and blogs for others to see it for free every day, I have seen it too often with others and refuse to allow it with my work and will act accordingly. If a member does see my work dotted around the Internet, I will respectfully ask that you contact me privately with the link to my work.

That being said if you do share my work around on social media or blogs etc, all I ask is that I am credited, I am a very lenient person and I fully understand its a form of advertising, but as long as it is done responsibly, then I don’t have any issue with it.


Jason (aka Nouf)