The last few weeks appear to be what Elliotticians call a thrust from a triangle. If you know a little about Elliott Wave, then you may know that triangles are very common for a 4th wave of an impulse wave. What essentially that means, is once we can count the end to wave 5, then there is a strong risk of reversal. Short term there is a possible setup to suggest an expanded flat pattern for wave [iv] of wave 5, so a new high is seen for wave [v] of wave 5.

I am bearish and looking for a strong breakdown under 23500-23000 to support further downside. Even if a minor new high to end wave 5, I would still stay bearish and look for sellers. A corrective bounce that fails to move above 24000 would support a setup for a move lower, further downside under 23500-23000 would help the short term bearish case.

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