The move from the Nov 2016 lows is one impressive move to say the least. I think its common knowledge that the majority of the recent upside on the QQQs is from a certain number of stocks. So until those tech stocks reverse or appear to suggest a reversal, then the QQQ/NDX is likely to continue higher.

Looking at the structure, it still can be counted as a possible impulsive wave from the Nov 2016 lows, although I will admit the recent top we just saw prior to the new high, I thought was the end to a 5th wave and ended an impulse wave from the Nov 2016 lows, so I was surprised to see new highs. Having said that, the look on stocks like Facebook and Apple could be supporting a potential reversal and the end to the trend from the Nov 2016 lows.

Ideally both AAPL and FB push to new highs and end a possible 5th wave of an impulse wave that started from the Nov 2016 lows, if all 3 markets can align and FB and AAPL make new highs to align with the QQQs, then we have a strong setup to potentially see a peak and end the trend from the Nov 2016 lows.