This could well have a major low in place, its been declining for years, the reasons why its been declining are not that important, although I would be a fool to say you should completely ignore the fundamentals, but if you do your due diligence and this stock shows promise, then a 3 wave pullback could well offer bullish traders an opportunity.

There is a clear 5 wave rally from the lows at 1.44, so simply put a 3 wave pull back is a buying opportunity, the risk control point is to 1.44.

There is great risk, but with that risk comes great reward. At least we know it has a clear risk control point at 1.44. Below that area is simply wrong.

There is a possibility of bankruptcy

There are many Oil refinery stocks that are at risk to bankruptcy, but if you can pick a few good ones with strong potential patterns, the winners should outweigh the losers once Crude oil eventually rallies and earnings increase. As I say high risk, high reward.

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