How to follow a page/market

In order to receive emails for any updates, you will require to follow a page/market. First, go to the follow a market button page here then click the button of the page/market that you want to follow. As you are already a logged-in user you do not have to confirm any email or link, it will automatically confirm itself.

After you have clicked the follow button it should turn blue and show that you are now following that page/market.

If you don’t want to follow that market anymore, simply click on the same button to unfollow the page/market.

NB – whilst members will receive an email for any page/market they follow, if you do not have access to the page via a valid subscription package, then you will not be able to view the posts, regardless of which markets you follow.

How to check which markets you are following.

If you wish to see which markets you are following or you want to un-follow some markets and make adjustments to the markets you are following, then you will need to go to the subscription management page. There are 2 ways to find the page.

Hover over the tab marked ACCOUNT you will then see a drop-down menu and a tab marked ‘subscription management’, click that link.

You will then see all the markets that you have subscribed to, you can click to follow or un-follow any of the listed markets. It keeps a record of any previously followed markets. If you want to delete any of the markets listed. Simply tick the small box to the left of the market you wish to delete, then click the drop-down menu just above, it will give you the option to delete any of the markets. Then click the apply button.

The other way to view your subscription management page is to click the link that is located at the bottom of the site. That will take you straight to your subscription management page.

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