Access to the analysis pages

Once you have logged in there are a few ways that you can find the information you seek. The easiest way to find a market is to move your mouse over the ANALYSIS tab in the top menu bar.

a tab

You will then see a drop down menu. In order to access the pages/markets you will then simply need to click on the link. To access the long term chart of the market you will need to hover over that market, a pop up menu for the long term chart will be shown.

drop down

Access to the page/market comes from the permissions menu of your membership, although you maybe able to see the page/market, unless you have the permission you will not have access to view that market.

Access to the chat room

In order to enter the chat room you will simply need to click on the tab market CHAT in the top menu bar, that will then take you to a separate page. then click the sign in button, your details should already be filled in as the room is linked to your account, every member has access to the chat room.