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A 2-3 page report containing charts and text which includes Elliott Wave analysis of any stock or stock market requested (subject to data). Delivered to your email box (please allow 24-48 hours).

Are you looking for a second opinion on a stock or market that you are interested in buying or selling? Then purchase an independent Elliott wave report. I will provide a non-biased view through the lens of Elliott Wave. It may just save you a small fortune if fail to act. I have access to many worldwide stocks and markets across the globe. If for any reason I dont have the data, or I feel the market or stock is not clear enough to suggest a strong looking pattern, then I will either refund your money or you can request another pick.

You can also send me an e-mail  to: [email protected] with your ticker symbols and I will check to see if I have the data. Simply click to purchase as many reports as you need, the more you request, the more discount you get, dont forget to fill in the box and let me know the ticker symbols, as well as where its located.

I can do analysis on any market, be it Forex, commodities, stocks or any stock market.

For Example:

TICKER SYMBOL          NAME                         LOCATED

AAPL                                APPLE                          NDX (US markets).

005930                           SAMSUNG                 KOSPI (Korean markets) 

ITX                                    INDITEX                      IBEX (Spanish markets)



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