Firstly I wanted to thank everyone for their support over the years. Friday’s post was the last one for the current service. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I have closed the site and the current service, as running the site and providing the service was getting to a point where it was a problem for me. I am in the process of refunding any outstanding days to the account that you paid with. If you have not received any credits back, or you think you should have received a credit, then please send an email to [email protected] This email and the site will remain valid for at least 12 months as it’s been paid for in advance.

If any members wish to keep in touch or have a question or an idea they want me to look at, by all means, send me an email. As a goodwill gesture for your loyalty, I will help as much as I can, but as it stands the site is closed for the foreseeable future and that goes for the social media accounts that are linked to the site.

I want to thank everyone for their support and wish you well in your trading going forward.