There are a few pages to grant access to members, such as some Grain pages and some Gold stock pages, I will resolve that later on today/tomorrow.

If you feel there is a page that you should have access to or see an issue can you please contact me so I can resolve it

Unfortunately,  the history of the payments have been deleted on the website, I am not sure it can be recovered, so any prior invoices won’t be visible on the website in the account page, although you should  still get an email either from Paypal or Stripe each time a payment is processed

All current subscriptions are valid, I  have not canceled anything, all I have done is manually placed each member into the corresponding package that he/she purchased. The site has not been hacked.

If any member still does not have access, can they contact me with their username and let me know how you made a payment, was it a credit card or PayPal etc?

Sorry for the downtime

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I pay with a credit card that gets charged every month? Has my number been hacked? Should I cancel my credit card number? Please let me know ASAP. I have US markets and gold, silver, commodity package for $34.99 I think every month.
Please advise, Ronda Barone-Palm

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Nothing has been hacked, rest assured the site was not hacked, the levels were deleted with a plugin update, so I have had to make them again, your details are not on the site, they are logged with a credit card company called Stripe.

The site is also encrypted with Https protocol.

You should have access to the site again.


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