There are a number of ways for a subscription on your account to be automatically cancelled, its generally due to a missed payment from paypal or there is an issue with your credit card. Most times its due to an expired credit card. Whenever a subscription is cancelled there is a genuine reason.

The most common ones are,

  1. Insufficient funds in your bank account.
  2. Your credit card has expired
  3. 2 missed payments will result in your subscription being canceled (paypal).
  4. A problem with your bank not releasing the funds from your account.

In the early days I tried to be lenient with members and work though the problem, but my kindness was slapped back in my face, so the system is setup that if a payment is missed the account gets cancelled after 24hrs.

So if your subscription has been cancelled for any reason, you will get an email, the reason is usually one of the reasons above. So in order to resubscribe, simply log in with your username and password (there is no need to make a new account) then go to the pricing page and purchase a new subscription as you did before. Its very rare for the system to cancel anyone’s subscription before they are due to make a payment ( I have not witnessed in yet as far as I can remember), but if there is an issue with a payment for whatever reason your subscription will be cancelled, its setup like this as I can not keep in touch with every members account.

If you find your subscription has been cancelled please get in touch I will check it out and let you know why.

[email protected]