Elliott Wave Analysis of Wynn Resorts (WYNN)

A minor new high potentially ends a larger C wave of a zigzag correction, if you hold this stock you may want to consider taking profits or at least lifting stops towards 124.80 to protect any gains you may have.

The suspected ABC rally from the 2016...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Morgan Stanley (MS) (Update)

Back in Feb 2017 I was looking for a little more upside to end wave 3 and then a pullback for wave 4, followed by new highs for wave 5. So far that has played out well, although I was looking for a slightly deeper move...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Priceline (PCLN)

The move from the 2016 lows can now be counted as the end to an impulse wave (5 wave advance) although to be fair, there is a way to label the move as the end to wave 3 (idea in blue). Having said that both ideas...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Fedex Corp (FDX)

The move from the lows at 182.92 (Apr 2017) could have ended a 5 wave advance to end an impulse wave for wave 5 of [5]. If the recent highs hold and we see further weakness under 210.00, if you are a holder of this stock, you...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Applied Materials Inc (AMAT)

The recent melt up on some tech stocks is impressive to say the least, one such stock I have been tracking is AMAT, if you own this stock this I would considering taking a sizable chunk of any profits your have off the table, if new...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Lowes (LOW)

The strong monthly reversal from the measured move target I think can strongly suggests a peak is likely place for wave [5], staying below 85.00 favors more weakness. If you own this stock, you may want to respect the monthly outside reversal. That is generally considered...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of CSX Corp (CSX)

Another “Trump phenomenon”  stock that has enjoyed the benefit of the new administration policies, although it will yet to be seen if any of the policies will be fully enacted. That aside, the structure from the 2016 lows, strongly resembles that of an impulse wave. There...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Roper Technologies (ROP)

This stock has been on one serious tear recently, seriously one impressive rally, however I do think its time for a breather and a pullback. I am working the idea of a impulse wave as part of a much larger impulse wave. Currently I think its...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of QQQ

The move from the Nov 2016 lows is one impressive move to say the least. I think its common knowledge that the majority of the recent upside on the QQQs is from a certain number of stocks. So until those tech stocks reverse or appear to...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of GDX

If the recent upside stays below 23.40 I am favoring further weakness back under 22.55 to end a more complex corrective decline to correct the recent advance from 20.89 – 23.67. Overall the setup remains bullish whilst its above 20.89. So regardless if we see more...Read More »

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