Elliott Wave Analysis of XBI (Biotech ETF)

This is one area of the market that is actually showing some weakness compared to the NDX and SPX, so it could be a warning for both those markets. The reversal from the last minor swing high at $93.87 could be favoring a peak in place,...Read More »


Jan 2018 – All 3 markets (SPX NIK225 & DAX) rally together to make a peak, then sell off.

Oct 2018  – The DAX fails to confirm the new high on the SPX and NIK-225, thus creating a bearish non-confirmation with the DAX to set up for a move lower....Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Zoetis (ZTS)

Since its inception the stock has pretty much gone vertical, (subject to corrections). The strong upside is supportive of an impulse wave. When you take a look at a weekly time frame, you can actually make out 5 clear waves, which makes it easier for Elliott wave users...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of XLRE (Real Estate Select Sector SPDR ETF)


This index is one of the more cleaner markets and showing a potential impulse wave (5 wave advance) from the Dec 2018 lows, whilst many other sectors and US stock markets have lagged this index, the clarity of this particular index, actually highlights a potential setup...Read More »

Is the Stock Market Trend From December 2018 Over?

The recent price action we have seen this past week, potentially has the makings of a reversal in progress. Some world stock markets are showing an outside weekly bar reversal pattern, which is a strong pattern to support further weakness.

Looking at a number of highly correlated markets, they are showing a...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of YY Inc (YY)

The recent rally from the lows made in December 2018 appears to be in 3 waves, so I suspected it a 4th wave as part of either idea, at this stage, I would still expect to see a new low based on both of the ideas....Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the OEX

Short term whilst it remains above 1220 the current trend remains up. There a few short term ideas I am watching, but if a new high is seen, then it can suggest the end to wave [v] of an impulse wave (5 wave rally) to end...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the FDAX (DAX Futures)

With the new high today, it can potentially end an impulse wave (5 wave advance) from the Feb 2019 lows (10859)  and further suggest the end to a larger 3 wave advance (zigzag correction), a strong move back below 11400, then 11300 is further needed to argue...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Crude Oil

The move from $51.62 can be counted as an impulse wave (5 wave advance). However, based on how the current decline develops from $57.81, will help decide if the move from $51.62 – 57.81 is all of wave [c] or only wave [i] of wave [c].

So...Read More »

Elliott wave Analysis of ServiceNow Inc (NOW)

Whilst it’s above $194.00 I would allow for a dip then further upside, wave 5 still appears to be missing a down-up sequence to complete 5 waves from the Nov 2018 lows. The pattern appears to be supporting an impulse wave from its all-time low (inception), however,...Read More »

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