Is Crude Oil Ready to Rally?

The relentless trend shown over the last few weeks is one very impressive decline; however I suspect it’s close to ending an impulse wave (5 wave decline). Currently we are tracking 2 ideas that can suggest the recent spike we saw yesterday was a 5th wave...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURUSD

A quick update to the post on StockTwits:

The market has continued lower as I expected to see, a new low can complete an impulse wave (5 wave decline) from 11831, so if you are bullish this pair, then I favor it has a good...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Boeing (BA)

Readers may be aware than Boeing (BA) is the biggest stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), so it makes sense to watch the biggest weighted stock to find an edge to the next likely direction of the DJIA.

The recent gyrations on Boeing appear to...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of TNX

It seems everyone and their dog is expecting a major breakout to the upside on yields, now I wouldn’t say it’s impossible as anything is possible, but generally whenever everyone is all geared up for one side of the trend, the other side can be a...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the SP-500 (SPX) Update

Going into the FOMC, there is a potential bearish setup as long as it remains below 2940, the decline from 2940 could be counted as a possible 5 wave decline as it’s got an impulsive look, we have also seen the SPX and INDU lag the...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the SP-500 (SPX)

The advance from the April lows is currently the focus for us, as I believe the orthodox low for wave [4] was made in April 2018, so we are trying to count an impulse wave (5 wave advance). With the sub-divisions from the April lows, we...Read More »


I have been asked a few times if I could provide analysis of the Nifty on a regular basis, so I am going to do a trial and see if there is enough interest to suggest I continue with the updates. For those that are interested...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Octa (OKTA)

The advance from the 2017 has enough gyrations to suggest a potentially completed impulse wave (5 wave advance). A strong move below 65.00 as well as an impulsive decline would be a good sign to support further weakness and suggest wave [5] had likely ended. A...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Tilray (TLRY)

Marijuana stocks have been all the rage the last few months, once such stock is Tilray. The advance from the Jul 2018 lows appears to count as a completed impulse wave. There is a clear 5 wave move at the moment, so if any upside stays below...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

There have been a lot of mentions about this stock on social media and in the media in general such as CNBC etc. I am not surprised as it’s been on a mission the last few weeks; however the recent peak could well have put in...Read More »

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