Elliott Wave Analysis of the Sensex

The current bounce appears to be suggesting a 4th wave of an impulse wave is likely in progress. We need to see 9 swings for an impulse wave with one extended wave, so the better look and preferred idea is to see a new low for...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the FDAX (DAX Futures)

We have been closely watching for the end to an upside corrective bounce from the Aug 2019 lows, the same look can be seen on many other European markets such as the Cac 40 and Euro Stoxx 50. Last weeks high could be enough to suggest...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

The high into yesterday can be counted as the end of a double zigzag correction from the lows made at 25339. However in order to see a move lower and suggest the recent upside has ended, a strong move back below 26099, then 25952 is needed.

If...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the NYSE Composite Index

The declines on both the INDU (DJIA) and NYSE can be counted as a 5 wave move from their respective Jul 2019 highs for an impulse wave, both markets have extra gyrations which allow us to be able to count an impulse wave.

Whilst the SPX and...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of TLT 20 Year Treasury Bond ETF

The move from the Jul 2019 lows appears to be developing as an impulse wave (5 wave rally), a new high still appears to be needed, so I favor we still see minor new highs on both ZB and ZN. Whilst TLT remains above $136.00, I...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of the SP-500 (SPX)

Going into the FOMC we are currently tracking a few short term ideas, although personally, I prefer the expanded flat idea as long as the current rally from the Dec 2018 low remains in 3 waves. The large divergence between some highly correlated US and major...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of DUST (Gold Miners Bear 3x Shares ETF)

The strong decline over the last few weeks appears to argue for an impulse wave, I suspect it’s close to ending a 3rd wave, so an up-down sequence is still favored before it completes 5 waves from the May 2019 high.

I favor its very close to...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

A new high could well mark an important peak to the trend that has been developing from the Feb 2019 lows, ideally we see new highs to end wave 5 of a large impulse wave, with sentiment extremely bullish on Bitcoin, I would caution readers that...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Zendesk Inc (ZEN)

The recent gyrations over the last few weeks, appear to be taking the shape of a possible bearish rising wedge, Elliott Wave calls this pattern an ending diagonal.

Essentially it’s a terminal pattern. A strong move below $83.60 is needed to support a reversal, as it may...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of GBPUSD

I suspect a relief bounce is close at hand for some of the GBP pairs, when we look at the decline from the May 2019 high, the new low on pairs such as GBPCHF and GBPCAD are supportive that the new low on GBPUSD is most...Read More »

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