Elliott Wave Analysis of NDX

Counting the move from the lows at 6425, the new high on the NDX can now be counted as a possible completed impulse wave. However we want to be a little cautious as I am also tracking another, more bullish idea that can support further upside...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Netflix (NFLX)

The recent gyrations between the April – May 2018 time period could be counted as a large triangle, so it would fit well for a possible 4th wave of a larger impulse wave. The “thrust” from the wave [4] lows, also counts well enough as a...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis Market Vectors Emerging Mkts Local ETF (EMLC)

Looking at this ETF I can make a decent case that its close to ending wave 3 of a possible impulse wave, so a rally for wave 4 is expected soon, Based on the correlation between this ETF and DXY, it could well argue for a...Read More »

Elliott Wave analysis of Old Dominion Freight Lines (ODFL)

The recent new high has enough gyrations to make a strong case that its close to ending an impulse wave form the 2016 lows, whilst wave 5 could extend a little higher, considering the actual structure as well as the prior weekly advance I think the...Read More »

Elliott wave Analysis of USDPLN

The recent gyrations on this pair, fit well to suggest its possibly completed wave 3 or wave C, but with the strong upside look it probably suggest its a 3rd wave of an impulse wave, so a pullback in 3 waves towards 3.55 to end wave...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Nikkei (NIK-225)

Last weeks candle is an outside reversal, thats generally a bearish sign, coupled that with a 5 wave looking decline to complete an impulse from 23049, things are look good for the bears. I would like to see a bit more upside to correct some of...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Crude Oil

Snippet taken from the weekend update.


The impressive decline has the characteristics of what we call a “3rd of 3rd” wave, so its essentially the middle section of an impulse wave, I am still looking for a few more gyrations to complete a 9 swing decline from...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Netapp Inc (NTAP)

The move into the recent high at 72.88 can potentially argue that the advance from the 2016 lows has finally completed an impulse wave (5 wave advance), it would need a strong move below 66.35 to support further downside and suggest the advance could well have...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of AUDJPY

The advance from 80.49 could be very close (if not already ended) to ending a large 3 wave rally to to correct the prior 5 wave decline from 89.06. Generally a 50% retracement or a test of the prior 4th wave of one lesser degrees is...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Moodys Corp (MCO)

The spike into new all time highs can be counted as a 5th wave from a triangle 4th wave, in Elliott Wave terms the move would be considered as a terminal advance. A strong reversal back below 163.00 – 160.00 is needed to support further weakness...Read More »

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