Elliott wave Analysis of Amdocs (DOX)

With the spike to new high its now possible to count 5 waves from the 2016 lows, which in turn could also be counted as the end to a larger impulse wave that started from the 2009 lows. So if you own this stock, you may...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Marriott International Inc (MAR)

Looking at the whole structure from the 2016 lows it still appears to be missing a new high to develop a 9 swing advance to complete an impulse wave  (9 swings = either wave 1, 3,5 is an extended wave, usually wave 3). I am watching...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of XBI (Biotech ETF)

The recent high in March 2018 failed to make a new high, so as the look from the Feb 2018 lows appears to in 3 waves, I favor its most likely a [b] wave of either a flat pattern or a triangle pattern. Short term whilst...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of Electronic Arts (EA)

The new high could be a potential important peak, the advance from the 2012 lows now has enough gyrations to make a case for the competition of an impulse wave (5 wave advance). Furthermore the move from the 2016 can also be counted as a 5...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of SPX

Fridays breakdown is more reminiscent of a 3rd of 3rd wave of an impulse wave. So whilst its below 2695, then I favor further weakness as part of a developing 5 wave decline from the March highs (2801). Barring a strong reversal above 2695, further weakness...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of USDJPY

Since the last post, it appears to suggest the market has been developing into a possible triangle for wave [iv], whilst its possible to label a low in place for wave [v], the lack of a strong move above 107.28 can still suggest new lows for...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of American Express (AXP)

Unless we force a truncation at the last swing high, I am still favoring the idea the current set of gyrations are mostly likely part of a large 4th wave of an on-going impulse wave from the 2016 lows. Staying below 99.73 is supportive of seeing...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)

With the new high its now possible to label 5 waves from the 2016 lows, thats important as it can also end a much larger impulse wave (5 wave advance) from the 2010 lows. A strong move below 114.51, then 110.00 is needed to support further...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of 6J (JPY Futures) Vs Gold

Its no big secret that the USDJPY and Gold have  a decent relationship, as USDJPY moves lower, Gold rallies higher etc. Most traders are aware of that. However you may have noticed there has been a slight disruption to that link and Gold is not following...Read More »

Elliott Wave Analysis of CADJPY

Whilst this pair is not a pair I follow much, it has been offering us clues to suggest the likely path of AUDJPY (AUDJPY is a Forex pair that is updated regularly in the Forex package). The decline on CADJPY appears to be in a 5th...Read More »

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